Pros and Cons of Research

Pros and Cons of Research

2 April, 2014

Understanding the advantages and disadvantage of Research

Pros and Cons of Research

Research is now one of most opted techniques by any company when it chooses to carry out some analysis for the company to make amendments in the plans or the products so that the changes may be reflected and used into the development and enhancement of the company.

Though online research is carried out on the basis of internet sources and they seem to be credible there are a few pros and cons of Research you may to have to look upon, before completing depending on them.

Pros of Online Research

Access to Large Sample Data

The data available on the internet is based on large scale evaluations; the Research will help you enhance the business and the revenue of the company. Basically Research will aid in the company’s Market Research and the Survey Research as well, and the data available online is of a far reach perhaps of even global research and that increases the credibility the data.

More Diverse Samples in Research

The samples available online are far more diverse than the ones available in the traditional university research. This data could be used in the Market Research as it promises credibility. Such data will aid you in achieving the goal of the online research and implementing them in the research will eventually help you in making decisions that are required to improve the company’s revenue and performance.

Reduced Data Entry Errors with Research

Since the data available online is already coded, therefore there isn’t a possibility that you would encounter an error with the data entry sectors and saves you a lot of trouble and the burden of data entry when compared to traditional university based research.

Research Is Cost Saving

All the data you need is available online and therefore there isn’t a necessity to think about the cost that would incur because of the research. In Online Research all you have to do is get the data on the internet and look for getting permissions to use the data is case they are copyrighted, but otherwise there are no cost incurred at all.

Cons of Research

More Than One Participant for a Study

There data available online is vast and infinite, and there many people studying on one subject and there could be a huge amount data available online and the research could go haywire if there are different perspectives on the subject, this could be a negative outcome in case you are not able to formulate the data available depending on your research.

Dropped Out Study Topics

Data in the internet may not be complete as the ones compiling the matter may have dropped out the study and that leaves the data incomplete, therefore you may not to be access the data that is been put off the record. In case of University based research there isn’t a possibility of finding incomplete and uncompelled data as the University always works on completed research articles.

Dependency Factor Increases

When you rely on internet data then you will depend on it completely on every step. You may consider not doing any work on your own and that would make you extremely dependent on the data available online. In case a study is left behind or withheld then you may even wait for the study to take place so that you may continue your research Online.

These are a few pros and cons of Research. When you consider the above mentioned factors of Research, then you will get a fair idea of the steps that needs to be taken to make your research successful and fruitful.

Everything you do will definitely have its own advantages and disadvantages of research but you, as a need to consider all the points before you get into Research as it would be the driving factor that would take your research forward.

The pros and cons have their own kind of dealing with its subjects but it completely depends on the researcher to take up a stand so that he/she may be able to address all the standards of an Research so that advantages are utilized and the disadvantages are nullified.

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