PhD position – Plant RNA Biology

Humboldt University invites applications for a PhD position in the collaborative research centre “The green hub -Central coordinator of acclimation in plants”. This project is funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and is carried out in close collaboration with teams at the MPI in Golm, the LMU in Munich and the TU in Kaiserslautern. Here, we invite applications for a

PhD position (Ref.# 74/2016) on the project
Chloroplast Ribonucleoproteins – buffering chloroplast RNA pools on their journey from transcription to translation during acclimation responses

The successful applicant will investigate the temporal dynamics of chloroplast gene expression after changing temperature and light conditions. He/she will examine how selected global RNA binding proteins shift their target RNA range using iCLIP techniques. This will be paralleled by studies on the function of regulatory phosphorylation events on these RNA binding proteins. The data will be raised on that is

The work builds on a previous project that demonstrated the importance of chloroplast RNA binding proteins for cold resistance of Arabidopsis thaliana and provides a unique opportunity for elucidating the quantitative role of chloroplast RNA processing and stabilisation for the biogenesis of the photosynthetic apparatus. The project will be conducted in close cooperation with other PhD students and researchers within the collaborative research centre. Close interactions are expected with (i) the groups of Dr. Reimo Zoschke and Prof. Dr. Ralph Bock at the MPI in Golm on ribosome profiling and (ii) the group of Prof. Dr. Uwe Ohler on bioinformatic analyses of iCLIP data.

Position requirements

  • An excellent Master degree (or equivalent) in , biology or a related field
  • A strong interest in RNA biology and / or plant
  • Experience in conducting independent research
  • Good knowledge of statistical data analysis and ideally bioinformatics skills
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English (knowledge of German is not mandatory)

Salary and benefits are according to a public service position in (TV-H E 13, 65%). The position will be for 4 years starting at earlies in July 2016. The Humboldt University supports equal opportunity of men and women and therefore strongly invites women to apply. Equally qualified handicapped applicants will be given preference. The place of employment will be Berlin, . The employer is the Humboldt-University Berlin.

Please submit your application by 24 June 2016 via e-mail as a single PDF file to:

Prof. Dr. Christian Schmitz-Linneweber
Institute of Biology
Humboldt-University of Berlin


Please include the reference to this position (Ref.# 75/2016) in the subject line and include a 1-page cover letter describing your motivation to apply, a CV including relevant certificates, a summary of your Master thesis and contact details of 2 potential referees.

For scientific enquiries please contact Prof. Dr. Christian Schmitz-Linneweber via email: or phone: ++49-(0)30-2093-49700

This post is not valid after Sunday June 26th, 2016

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