Early Stage Researcher position within the H2020 European Training network List_MAPS

Early Stage Researcher position within the H2020 European Training network List_MAPS
Early Stage Researcher position within the H2020 European Training network List_MAPS

3 June, 2017

Closing date for application: 31st July 2017
Localisation: UMR , INRA/UB, Dijon, France
Contract Type: Fixed Term Whole‐Time
Duration: 15 months
Start date: 1st of September
Job Type: Research
Number of position: 1
Salary: Gross salary of 2425€ /month + Net mobility allowance of 600€ / month

Position summary

One Early Stage position within a Horizon 2020 EU-funded Marie Sklodowska Curie European Training Network is available. It will be located at the
research unit UMR Agroecology, INRA/Université de Bourgogne, Dijon, France. The project involves multiple international academic and private participants, and seeks to develop a better understanding of the ecology of Listeria monocytogenes through a systems biology approach. In accordance with the rules of this programme, candidates must not have worked or studied more than 12 months in France within the last 3 years. Interested candidates must be in the first 4 years of their researcher career with significant experience in microbiology, and/or .

This is an early stage researcher training role where you will conduct a specified programme of research and research training under the guidance of a Principal
Investigator. The primary purpose of the role is to deliver research results and objectives, develop new or advanced research skills and competences, and develop
complementary skills and competences through network-wide and specific training events (secondments, workshops, meetings) in this collaborative network with 9 other ESRs. The programme has an expected duration of 15 months on a full-time basis. Applicants must be in the first 4 years (full-time equivalent) of their research
activity, including their research training. Applicants should hold a good honours undergraduate or Masters degree in the field of Microbiology, Microbial ecology or
other appropriate disciplines.

Key duties and responsibilities

  • To run experiments in a specified programme of research under the supervision and direction of a Principal Investigator/Project Leader.
  • To engage in appropriate and professional development opportunities as organised in the ETN training program
  • To follow secondments in participants labs to perform specific experiments
  • To support the Principal Investigator and research group in the design and development of a research programme.
  • To engage in the dissemination of the results of the research, as directed by and with the support of and under the supervision of the Principal Investigator.
  • To carry out any additional duties as may reasonably be required within the general scope and level of the post

Research project : Investigation of the adaptive strategies of L. monocytogenes in soil/plants mesocosms

Objectives: the project will focus on the response of L. monocytogenes to the complex microbial communities during survival in soil and plant rhizosphere. This will include RNA-Seq and mutagenesis approaches in order to explore the mechanisms triggered by the edaphic conditions and to characterise phenotypes under these conditions.

Expected Results: Global transcriptomic response during adaptation to soil and plant rhizosphere. Characterisation of the response to soil microbiote. Evaluation of the role of the biotic on the fate of L. monocytogenes in soil.

Eligible criteria of Marie Sklokowska Curie actions:

  • Candidate may be of any nationality
  • Candidate shall at the time of recruitment be in the first four years of his/her research career
  • Candidate must not have a doctoral degree
  • Mobility rules: candidate shall not have resided or carried out his/her main activity (work, studies) in France for more than 12 months in the 3 years
    immediately prior the recruitment.


  • Academic ability
  • Scientific skills and competences
  • Labwork experience
  • Proficiency in foreign languages
  • Level of independence
  • Other experiences

Application procedure:
Application deadline: 31 July 2017.
Application should be sent by email to the supervisor Dr Pascal Piveteau: piveteau@ubourgogne.fr

Include “List_MAPS ESR application” in the subject line.

Attachments in PDF must include:

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Two reference letters
  • Transcript of results of the last 3 years of University studies (including modules
    and courses)

This post is not valid after Tuesday August 1st, 2017

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