Principal Investigator – Location: Australia

Principal Investigator – Location: Australia

2 March, 2016

As a critical Australian border agency the primary functions the Department of and Water Resources (the department) are diverse. They include safeguarding ’s animal and plant status to maintain overseas markets, protecting the economy and from the impact of exotic pests and diseases through risk assessment, inspection and certification, and the implementation of emergency response arrangements for Australian , food and fibre industries. The department does this through regulating biosecurity for the arrival of international passengers, cargo, mail, animals and plants or their products into Australia. As a trade facilitator, similar inspection, certification and intervention functions occur for exports including food and the regulation of the live animal export trade.

The Enforcement section (ENF) operates within the Targeting and Enforcement Branch and is responsible for investigations into breaches of portfolio legislation associated with quarantine, food safety, export operations and illegal logging. Work predominantly involves conducting complex and protracted investigations into serious criminal offending by companies as well as individuals. It also encompasses regulatory investigations and supporting operational streams within the administrative environment. Investigative work is diverse and includes executing search warrants under the different acts within the portfolio and preparing briefs of evidence for referral through to the Commonwealth of Public Prosecution. Prosecution outcomes are often significant and include terms of imprisonment and substantial fines. Investigation teams are located in most mainland states and investigations often have a national and at times transnational focus. The work of ENF contributes to the department’s key role of safeguarding Australia’s animal and plant health and protecting export markets. Staff are required to regularly interact with national law and other enforcement agencies within Australia and abroad.

ENF is seeking applications from highly motivated and well experienced investigators with a contemporary skill set. Applicants will be expected to demonstrate excellent interpersonal and communication skills and possess a high level of integrity. The position is responsible for:

• Conducting and managing investigations into alleged breaches of portfolio and other relevant Commonwealth legislation.
• Preparing, checking and presenting briefs of evidence for criminal proceedings.
• Preparing reports, correspondence and systems assessments regarding risks in the departments operating environment.
• Contributing to the continuous improvement of ENF business outcomes including the development and implementation of ENF strategies and policies.
• Establishing and maintaining effective and productive relationships with departmental staff, counterparts in other agencies and industry groups.
• Management and development of staff in an operational environment.
• Providing support to the Regional Investigations Manager.

Applicants should have substantial experience in law enforcement and/or a regulatory agency, and will need to demonstrate contemporary criminal investigation and investigations management skills and competence. This position also involves the management and development of staff in an operational environment.

Applicants should be prepared to travel intra and interstate at short notice. Applicants must also have a current driver’s license. ENF positions are national security-designated positions. Principal Investigators are required to acquire and maintain a security clearance of Negative Vetting Level 1 (Secret).

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