Harvesting Manager based in Southampton, Hampshire (UK)

Harvesting Manager based in Southampton, Hampshire (UK)

4 May, 2016

Area covered: , Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset ().

This new role within the company will be responsible for driving forward an existing profitable harvesting area by seeking out, managing and resourcing harvesting contracts across Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and Somerset.

Within this harvesting area you will play a key role in the procurement of roundwood for Tilhill and our wide range of customers. You will be working closely with our team of forest managers across the region.

We seek applicants with:
• A degree or diploma in a relevant discipline and/or at least 5 years operational and management experience in forest harvesting.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Supervisory skills.
• A passion for all aspects of safety and care.
• Good client relationship management skills.

We are looking for a motivated self-starter who can lead a team with enthusiasm, drive the business forward and has the ability to apply high professional standards in order to create and deliver a thriving commercially driven business.

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20th May 2016



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