Job Advertising

Job Advertising

The Science Jobs is an international career website for vacancies in academic, research and related professions in Science, Technology and Engineering. Announcements on upcoming conferences, workshops, training courses, etc are also available in the site.


  • Job seekers
  • Professionals
  • Researchers
  • Academicians
  • Employers


Reach & Popularity

  • PR value is 5 and comes to one of the top sites in Google Search for most of the job-related keywords
  • Thousands of page views per month
  • Numerous subject-specific subscribers (via Email, RSS feeds, Facebook, Twitter, etc)
The following are the services we are offering
Job Advertising:

Single Job Posting: To publish a job post, you need to pay US$29.

Multiple Job Posting: If you have many vacancies from your campus or institution, you are advised to buy a job package.

Job Packages: Post unlimited jobs within 12 months: $299 (per institute or campus)

Customized Job Site:

In addition to advertising your jobs, we can also offer a customized job site for your organization with the same look and feel as your organization’s website. You can use it as your organization’s career / job opening page. Please contact us for more details.
Email campaigns:
We are sending job alerts by emails and social media to our subscribers. Your adverts can be included in such alerts. Please contact us for more details.
The rates are given below. Advert type and Location are given and the rate in US$ / month is given in brackets:
All pages including homepage

  • 728—90 txt/img Header all pages [$60]
  • 250—250 txt/img Sidebar all pages [$40]

All pages excluding homepage

  • 728—90 txt/img Header all pages [$40]
  • 468—60 txt/img Post pages [$30]
  • 300—250 txt/img Post pages [$30]
  • 160—600 txt/img Sidebar [$35]

Homepage only

  • 728—90 txt/img [$40]
  • 250—250 txt/img [$25]

Advertising Agencies :
Advertising agencies may receive 25% discount on our regular prices.
Payment Options:
Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express); Invoicing/Billing. Bank Transfer is available for International Organizations upon request. 

Click here to select your payment Inc.PayPal.comPay to Publish!

If you have any questions, please contact us.

If you have any special needs, please do write to us mentioning your requirements. Please mention the ad type and duration you require.

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