Use organismal data in your classroom

Use organismal data in your classroom

18 February, 2013

The Animal Diversity Web ( invites you to take part in research to understand the impact of active student inquiry in organismal biology courses, including Introductory Biology, , Ecology, , Mammalogy, , and others.
To participate, you must use an existing ADW-Quaardvark inquiry activity in your course before May 30, 2013, including completing our assessment instruments. Go to to view sample activities. We have data for 40% of mammal species!
In return, you will receive a $500 stipend and become involved in an exciting project that is in line with AAAS/NSF Vision and Change recommendations for improving undergraduate biology education.
Contact to join.
The Animal Diversity Web is a large online database of organismal information with thousands of species accounts and highly structured data that makes it possible for students to ask questions and explore biological patterns for themselves. This research project is supported by NSF Transforming Undergraduate Education in Sciences funding and all research activities are covered by a University of IRB agreement.

Thank you

Tanya Dewey

Animal Diversity Web


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