The Entangled Bank Integrated Database

The Entangled Bank Integrated Database

27 February, 2012

The Entangled Bank Database (EBDB), developed at Imperial College London, provides integrated access to a number of Mammal Datasets (a , supertree phylogeny, Pantheria trait database and range maps) and the Global Population Dynamics Database of long-term abundance records. These data may be queried by biological name, tree topology, data set attributes, and time to answer complex questions that span multiple data sets such as;

Which nocturnal South American mammals are descended from the last common ancestor of these species?

What are the ranges of Rodentia species that have a body mass less than than 250g and for which there are population abundance records between 1980-90?

Data subsets may be downloaded in a variety of formats.

The system is a prototype, so please tell us any problems experienced or ideas for additional functionality: email

David Kidd
in Geographical Information Systems and Science,
Kingston University, London

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