What Makes Dollhouses The Perfect Gift For Toddlers?

What Makes Dollhouses The Perfect Gift For Toddlers?

18 January, 2017

An upsetting decline in the annual sales of traditional toy industry has been record in the year 2015 -2017, as reported by the IBIS World. According to the report, toddlers of today are more interested and excited to be handed a touchscreen device in their hands than a traditional toy. They would rather spend time playing online baby games than go outside. This isn’t just Australia’s story, but rather a dilemma faced by the whole world today. This urges toy-making companies to come up with imaginative toys that will win the battle against those online games. One such toy is dollhouses. Their interesting assembly, add-on features, miniature sizes and role-playing, all help develop a kid’s social interactive on level and also boast their self-confidence. Thankfully, dollhouse still remains one of the preferred choices among toddlers as reported by finder.com.au.

In a competitive toy industry where new toys are made each day, there is one that stands out from the rest. Le toy Van toy range offers luxury children’s toys from dollhouses, cars, pocket money toys, home bake, and farm animals, to castles for children of different age groups. Their dollhouses are among their bestselling toys. So far, they have a collection of 12 dollhouses for kids of all ages. These houses come equipped with a number of beautiful accessories.

But why so much emphasis on dollhouses and not other toys?

Dollhouses Have a Lot to Teach

It is because dollhouses have a lot to teach young girls, and even boys. They engage young minds into imaginary plays that offer multiple educational benefits. When kids are gifted the opportunity of imagination, it allows them to freely investigate about the world around them. They learn about symbolic roles, actions and habits of people around them. They converse with the dolls in the house, which boast their communicative, emotional, social, and intellectual skills, ultimately helping them to acquire a sense of self and self-confidence. And that is not all, there are three more reasons that make dollhouses the perfect educational gifts for your little ones.

Develops Story-Weaving Skills in Children

Kids love to create their own imagery scenarios. A dollhouse, in this regard, opens a gateway of countless story-telling opportunities, demanding the kid to be as creative as possible. Whenever your child plays with a dollhouse, they indulge into hours of creativeness and imaginative thinking.

Teaches Kids Management

Dollhouses are all about learning how to manage daily activities in life. They serve as a great way to teach young kids what taking care about your prized possessions is like. As a result, they become highly concerned about keeping their dolls safe when they are done playing. It minimizes the clutter in the room, which is a relief for every parent. A medium-sized dollhouse can store a dozen dolls inside, making room for other toys in your child’s bedroom.

Encourages Group Playing:

Dollhouses also make for group playing. Since all of le toy van toy range of dollhouses allows accessibility from different angles, more than one kid can play with it at a time. Group playing enhances a kid’s social interaction as it makes ways for something to communicate about.

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