TRAC 24: Principles and Applications of DNA Microarrays

TRAC 24: Principles and Applications of DNA Microarrays

5 August, 2012

TRAC 24-FL – Sept. 10-14, 2012

TRAC 24-WN - Jan. 28-Feb. 1 2013

TIME - 9:00 – 5:00 p.m.

35 lecture/lab contact hours
$850 (Lecture & Laboratory)

Global transcription patterns as well as nucleotide polymorphisms can now be readily evaluated using DNA microarrays. This functional technology offers a powerful, non biased approach to the analysis of mechanisms associated with any type of physiological change in a cell. Moreover, DNA microarrays have become a prominent technological tool for genotype characterization. This lecture and laboratory course will show how DNA microarrays can be used for different applications in the biomedical sciences and will introduce hands-on training to a complex yet exciting technology.

Lecture Topics: Overview of DNA microarrays; Transcriptional analysis from single genes to whole genomes; Types and applications of microarrays; Use of microarrays for genotyping; comparative genome hybridization providing a molecular karyotype of the genome; Fabrication of DNA microarrays; microarray data analysis; Concepts of microarray ; Dove-tailing expression data to genome sequences and other types of ; genotyping and resequencing using genechip technology; high throughput profiling platforms: development of tools for diagnosis and management of disease; introduction of new technologies – microfluidics-generated microarrays with in situ synthesized probes, Illumina bead technology.

Laboratory Topics: Isolation of total RNA; purification and quantitation of mRNA; fluorescent labeling of cDNA; Hybridization of cDNA to DNA arrays; Scanning and data collection; Analysis and display of data using clustering programs; Validation of microarray expression analysis by real-time and conventional RT-PCR.


Building 60
Room 237
1 Cloister Court
Bethesda, MD


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