6th Biennial Conference of the International Biogeography Society North Miami

6th Biennial Conference of the International Biogeography Society North Miami

24 September, 2012

Dear Colleagues: A reminder of important due dates –

Registration for student travel awards for the upcoming International
Society meeting are due by September 30th, 2012.

Early registration for the meeting ends October 18th.
6th Biennial of the International Biogeography Society North Miami, , – January 9-13th

The meeting is built around four successive SYMPOSIA (10th 11th January) each with a suite of leading international scientists and *openings for contributed papers*:

1. Island Biogeography: new syntheses
(Organizers: Rob Whittaker Kostas Triantis).
2. Beyond Bergmann: new persectives on the biogeography of traits
(Organizers: Adam C. Algar and Nathan G. Swenson).
3. The convergence of conservation and biogeography
(Organizers: Jenny McGuire Edward Davis).
4. Predicting species and in a warmer world: are we doing a good job?
(Organizers: Antoine Guisan Niklaus E. Zimmermann).

The meeting also has 12 sessions of CONTRIBUTED PAPERS (12th January) on key topics:
i. Island biogeography
ii. Neotropical biogeography
iii. Climate-change biogeography
iv. Conservation biogeography
v. Pre-quaternary and biogeography
vi. Quaternary paleoecology
vii. Phylogeography
viii. Marine biogeography
ix. Natural disturbance biogeography
x. Global-scale biogeography
xi. Hot topics in biogeography

Dr. Jim Brown will give a keynote lecture after receiving the Alfred Russel Wallace Award, recognizing his lifetime of outstanding contributions to biogeography.

Dr. Miguel Arajo will give a keynote lecture after receiving the Macarthur Wilson Award, a new award recognizing an early-research individual for a notable, innovative contribution to biogeography.

In addition, before the meeting, on the 9th of January, five WORKSHOPS will be held: Biodiversity Informatics Training, Biogeography of Stress, Communicating Biogeography, Popular Science Writing, an Introduction to Bayesian Statistical Analysis.

On the 9th 13th of January, arranged FIELD EXCURSIONS will visit a number of Florida’s beautiful biogeographic locations.

Check out the IBS meeting website for more details and to register (http://www.biogeography.org/html/Meetings/2013/index.html)

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