Conference: Lisbon ESEB2013 Epigenetics

Dear Colleagues,
As a part of the XIV Congress of the European Society for Biology (Lisbon, 19-24 August 2013) we are pleased to announce the symposium “ SIGNIFICANCE OF EPIGENETIC VARIATION”. To register and submit your abstract for this symposium, please follow the instructions on the congress website ( Deadline for abstract submission is 28 February 2013.

Invited speakers:

– Frank Johannes (University of Groningen, )

– Carlos Herrera (Estacin Biolgica de Doana, Sevilla, Spain)

– Oliver Bossdorf (University of Bern, )

– Koen Verhoeven (Netherlands Institute of Ecology, Wageningen, Netherlands)

Epigenetic mechanisms can have long-lasting effects on phenotypes, but what role do they play in ? Recent research provides evidence that epigenetic mechanisms can create heritable trait variation, and that epigenetic variation can be heritably altered by the . Moreover, studies in natural populations suggest an epigenetic role in adaptation. This symposium presents the current status of the growing research field of ecological and evolutionary .
We hope to see you in Lisbon!
Oliver Bossdorf ( & Koen Verhoeven

Dr. Koen Verhoeven
Netherlands Institute of Ecology (NIOO-KNAW)
Dept. Terrestrial Ecology
tel: +31 (0)317 473624

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