12 October, 2012

I have decided this week to try to create a resource where biologists can find info on labs and groups from all around the world. I have created a collaborative Google map online which biology research groups can pin their labs to with a brief description of their interests. Others can then browse the map to look for labs in specific areas – for example, if someone wants to find suitable labs in their current country for work they can see all the labs in that area, likewise anyone looking for work in a specific region or who needs access to labs while on fieldwork can look for nearby groups which may be able to help.

Yesterday ProjectEvoMap was born, spread using twitter, already has labs from all over the world, and has received plenty of positive feedback. Hopefully this project will make networking easier, raise awareness of smaller groups, and promote collaboration. So could I ask you to take a moment to add your groups to it as well because the more that add to it, the better it becomes. Ideally I’d like to get pins on the map for each group, not just each department.

To add a lab follow this link


and follow the instructions on the left or in the instruction video on youtube.

Follow @GriffinEvo or search for #ProjectEvoMap on Twitter for updates.
Thanks for taking part and please spread the idea!


Robert M. Griffin
PhD Candidate
Uppsala University
EBC, Department of
18d Norbyvägen
Uppsala, 752 36,

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