Plant Science Today (PST) to maintain higher standard of content

Horizon e-Publishing Group is bringing out a new open access journal, Today (PST) which aims to bring out high quality research papers and other articles from researchers from all disciplines of plant sciences. All papers are open access in full text and free to download and use.

The journal is now open for manuscript submission that meet the general criteria of significance and scientific excellence, and will publish Original articles (research paper, short communications, etc), Review articles, opinions, Conference reports, Book reviews, etc.

Rugang Li from U.S. Vegetable Laboratory (USDA-ARS) commented “Plant Science Today will be reflecting new research progress in any subject of plant science. PST should publish high quality research papers. If PST define the impact factor between 2 to 3, it could attract more submissions”.

The journal has a truly international Editorial Team from many countries. We believe in quality and use traditional review process which would help to weed out shoddy research papers.

“Just as it is joyous the birth of a new-born baby, so is the birth of Plant Science Today (PST). Although the primary aim of PST is contribution to advancement of knowledge in its field, it is equally important to maintain higher standard of content, especially being an open access journal. This is what PST is expected to do; the mouthpiece and authority on plant science in our current world. Certainly, it is no gainsaying this will largely depend on quality of work to be executed by authors, reviewers, editors and publishers as a whole. When this is done, PST will mature to become a reference point in the scientific community with respect to plant-human interactions in today’s world. Congratulations PST!” said Paul Kojo Mensah, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow of Rhodes University, .

Authors need to register with the journal prior to submitting manuscripts.

Claudio Cameselle, Universidade de Vigo, commented: “Plant Science Today is a new high quality journal with the aim of combine the ideas and work of multidisciplinary research teams. Plants can be used as a source of new natural products to improve the quality of living of human kind, reduce the impact of human and industrial activities, and can be used as a benign restoration tool for contaminated soils and water. The journal will published original research articles and review articles in those topics. This is an open source journal that can reach researchers, technicians, politicians with new scientific and technological purposes to old problems in food production, new chemicals and environment”.

Researchers with excellent track record can still join if their country is not represented in the Team. Currently, researchers from 42 countries has been registered with the journal site.

Aïcha BELKADHI, Researcher at the University of Tunis El Manar, said: “I believe that PST will serve as an excellent journal to promote research by keeping a focus on the future of plant science in the world. As an Editorial Board member in PST, I can be expected to recommend high quality papers for publication. It is also expected that this journal will have an impact factor to start with and I will do my best to help for raising it”.

Horizon e-Publishing Group (HePG) is an online publisher of scientific information in the form of eJournals, career news and services across the life, , and applied sciences. Currently HePG publishes an Open access journal: Plant Science Today, Job Portal: TheScienceJobs and Career News Blog: MyDailyCareerNews.

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