Biomarker Europe Summit – 2012 September 5 – 7 / Zurich, SWITZERLAND

Biomarker Europe Summit – 2012 September 5 – 7 / Zurich, SWITZERLAND

4 August, 2012

Dear Colleague,
GTC is pleased to announce our 2nd Biomarker Europe Summit taking place in Zurich, on the dates of September 5th – 7th. The summit will consist of 3 tracks, with a focus in different biomarker areas, as well as a plenary session on September 6th. The tracks are:

5th Biomarkers (Sept. 5th-6th)
Inflammatory Biomarkers (Sept. 6th – 7th)
Biomarkers (Sept. 6th – 7th)

The summit will bring together key academic, government and industry leaders to cover hot topics in the field, such as biomarker identification strategies, novel technologies in biomarker development, circulating and body fluid biomarkers, translation of biomarkers into clinical space, companion diagnostics partnering and biomarkers for personalized medicine. The session topics that the summit will cover are:

Biomarker Discovery & Identification Strategies
Overcoming Challenges of Clinical Translation
Biomarkers to Validate Potential Drug Targets
Discovery of New Diagnostics
Regulatory Landscape of Biomarker Development
Circulating/Body Fluid Biomarkers
Biomarkers for Stratified Medicine (personalized medicine)
Companion Diagnostics Partnering
New Technologies & Novel Approaches in Biomarker Development
Progress in Bioimaging Biomarkers

We look forward to seeing you at the !

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