International Conference on Advanced Complex Inorganic Nanomaterials

International Conference on Advanced Complex Inorganic Nanomaterials

9 September, 2012

Following the great success of ACIN2011 and spurred on by the enthusiasm of the participants at ACIN2011, the organising committee would like to extend a cordial invitation to all researchers with an interest in advanced complex inorganic , to participate in the second International on Advanced Complex Inorganic Nanomaterials (ACIN 2013) that will be held in from 15th to 19th July 2013.

ACIN 2013 is an international conference organised jointly by the University of Namur (FUNDP) and the Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL).

The aim of this meeting is to offer an update of recent innovations in both fundamental and applied aspects highlighting new advances and progress in the field of nano- (inorganics, ceramics, hybrids, and bio-inspired).

Top speakers to be announced soon!

We encourage researchers to submit an abstract of their most recent research before Dec 15th 2012 related to one of the three following topics:

• Advanced preparation methods to Advanced Complex Inorganic Nanomaterials and cutting edge characterization techniques: New precursors, new methods, new processing and shaping and fundamental aspects of synthesis: sol-gel technology, self-assembly, templating, artificial integration, encapsulation, immobilisation, functionalisation, layer-by-layer, ship-in-bottle, etc.

• Nanomaterials, functional porous materials, coordination networks, bio-inspired nanomaterials, hybrid nanomaterials and living materials: Nanostructures, nanoparticles, nanotubes, ceramics, membranes, films, self-assembly, supramolecular systems, co-ordination polymers, zeolites, MOFs, mesoporous materials, hierarchically structured materials, carbons, natural materials, bioinspired and biomimetic materials, biomineralisation and biotemplating, bio-integrated materials, biocomposites, organometalics, green materials for construction, inorganic switches etc.

• New applications and new properties: Catalysis, photocatalysis, sensors, gas storage, magnetism, photomagnetism, spin crossover, , photochromism, conductivity, superconductivity, fuel cells, (DS)solar cells, batteries, supercapacitors, artificial photosynthesis, CO2 photoreduction, water splitting, thermal energy to electricity and storage etc.

The emphasis will be put on interdisciplinarity (Complexity and relation with other disciplines) and on future directions (New trends).
The organisers would also like to make this meeting a discussion forum between scientists working in the field and also those who would like to become acquainted with new developments and perspectives of applications of nano-materials.

*Special issue in a reputed inorganic journal*

Selected papers submitted during ACIN 2013 will be published, after peer-review, as full papers and communications, in a special issue.

*Important dates*

* Abstract: Dec 15th 2012

*Symposium opening: 15th July 2013
*Full manuscript online submission window for the special issue: August 15th – October 15th 2013

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