Conference: ExeterU.QuantEvolutionaryDynamics.Apr17-19

Conference: ExeterU.QuantEvolutionaryDynamics.Apr17-19

4 October, 2012

The purpose of this message is to announce the following meeting that may be of interest.
Quantitative Dynamics (QED)

Microbial Communities: from the lab to natural environments

17th-19th April, 2013

Shaldon, Devon, by the sea near Dartmoor/Exeter University, : this is

the village website
Aimed specifically at younger scientists, this is a forum for research

into evolving microbial systems bridging the gap between models,

laboratory models and natural ecosystems. Speakers will talk about plant and

human pathogens, natural fungal ecosystems, consortia of symbionts, their responses

to antibiotics and viruses and single-cell observations of bacteria in microfluidic devices.
This is a MMEMS meeting funded by an EPSRC Creativity@Home Award.

To register, which is free, please go to

but please note that there is a limit of 50 participants.
International Speakers:

Tim Barraclough, Imperial College

Justin Meyer, Harvard Medical School

Lon Chubiz, Harvard

Chris Marx, Harvard Systems Biology

Remy Chait, Harvard Medical School

Markus Arnoldini, ETHZ

Luz Becks, Max Planck Ploen

Pietro Cicuta, Cambridge University

Rosalind Allen, Edinburgh University

Ben Cooper, Oxford University

Martin Ackermann, ETHZ
Exeter Speakers:

Ivana Gudelj

William Gaze

Francesca Fiegna

Angus Buckling

Murray Grant


Robert Beardmore

of Mathematical Biosciences


Streatham Campus

University of Exeter

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