Conference: Vienna.BioSyst.Feb18-22

Dear colleagues,
NOBIS Austria is honoured to host and organise the 2nd BioSyst.EU meeting

from February 18th to 22nd 2013 in Vienna.
The will take place at the University of Vienna (UZA II building).

For registration and abstract submission visit the congress website
A selection of hotels which can be booked via the homepage are available,

as well as a voucher for a reduction of 15% on Austrian Airlines Flights.
The deadline for early registration and abstract submission is October

31st, 2012.
Symposia and Workshops
01 – GfBS-Symposium: Small but manifold: Protist diversity

02 – Swiss Systematic Society-Symposium: of parasites and


03 РSvenska Systematikf̦reningen-Symposium: Phylogenetic methods

04 РSoci̩t̩ Fran̤aise de Syst̩matique-Symposium: Cryptic species

05 – The Systematics Association-Symposium: Animal venoms

06 – NOBIS Austria-Symposium: Estimate of in space and time

07 – Alpine biodiversity

08 – Biotic responses to climate change

09 – Philosophy of phylogeny

10 – Evo-devo

11 – Biodiversity-Informatics: Data mobilization with GBIF-D

12 – Processes of diversification and speciation

13 – Systematics as an integrative science

14 – Plant-animal interactions15 –

16 – Evolution and systematics of colonial organisms

17 – Nomenclature for the future

19 – Hybrid evolution and speciation

20 – Medicine and systematics

21 – and systematics

27 – Detecting errors in phylogenies

28 – The evolution of asexual plants and animals

29 – approaches to species delimitation

30 – High throughput species identification in the age of next

generation sequencing – progress and challenges

31 – Research collections in the contexts of preservation issues and

scientific use

Information gemaess UGB Par. 14 Abs. 1
Naturhistorisches Museum

1010 Wien, Burgring 7

Firmenbuchnummer: FN 236724z

Firmenbuchgericht: Handelsgericht Wien

UID: ATU 38020609

Rechtsform: Wissenschaftliche Anstalt

oeffentlichen Rechts des Bundes

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