Workshop: CzechRepublic.MolEvol.Jan21-Feb1

Workshop: CzechRepublic.MolEvol.Jan21-Feb1

27 October, 2012

on Genomics: 6-19, January 2013
Workshop on : 21 January – 1 February, 2013
Location: Český Krumlov,
Detailed information and application information at
General Information: Applications are currently being accepted for two

unique opportunities for studying Genomics or Molecular Evolution in

the beautiful Southern Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. We will

be hosting a Workshop on Genomics in Český Krumlov between the dates

of 6-19 January, 2013 and will once again be hosting the Workshop on

Molecular Evolution immediately after the Genomics Workshop between the

dates of 21 January – 1 February, 2013. Both programs offer exceptional

hands-on and lecture based training from leading scientists from around

the world.
Specific topics to be covered for each Workshop are below or can be

reviewed at
Český Krumlov offers exceptional hospitality and has proven to be an

excellent location for hosting similar Workshops over the previous five

years. We look forward to returning to Český Krumlov in 2013 and also

to meeting and working with many of you in the New Year!
Please view information at for details about the

schedules and other relevant information. We are currently accepting

applications through 15 November, 2012. Please forward this to anyone

that you think might be interested in these unique opportunities.
Workshop on Genomics – Specific Topics to be Covered

– Sequencing technologies

– Genomics study design

– Manipulation of sequence data using the command-line and quality

assessment and control techniques

– Analyzing genomic data in the “cloud” using Amazon Web Services (AWS)

– The use of R in genomic analysis

– Assembly and alignment: basic analyses used for de novo and re-

sequencing studies

– The use of next-generation sequence data to study non-model organisms

– RAD (Restriction site Associated DNA) sequence analysis

– Variant detection

– Metagenomic analysis

– Transcriptome quantification and mapping for expression and gene

structure elucidation

– Population genomics
Workshop on Molecular Evolution – Specific Topics to be Covered

– Detection of orthology

– Multiple sequence alignment

– The use of maximum likelihood in

– Phylogenetic model selection

– Detection of Selection

– Bayesian inference in phylogenetics

– Phylogenetic signal

– Coalescent theory

– Genome Evolution

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