Conference: UColorado_Denver Protein Evolution Feb 7-9

SMBE Satellite Meeting on Mechanisms of Protein II

We are pleased to announce the SMBE Satellite Meeting on Mechanisms of Protein Evolution II: Thermodynamics, Phylogenetics, and Structure (MPEII 2013), to take place at the University of Colorado Denvers Anschutz Medical Campus, February 7-9, 2013.

The meeting aims to broadly cover the interface of protein evolutionary mechanisms, models of amino acid substitution, genomics/systems biology and phylogenetics. Topics also include adaptation, coevolution, convergence, neutral processes including mutation, prediction of folding, prediction of mutational effects, the influence of protein-protein interactions on protein evolution, and the interaction of next-gen sequencing and model development. This is a small meeting, with plenty of opportunity for interaction. Talks by students as well as more senior scientists are encouraged, and there will be a poster session this year in addition to talks. This meeting is also partially sponsored by BMC Evolutionary Biology and the UC Denver Department of Biochemistry & Molecular , Program in Bioscience, and Consortium for .
Confirmed invited speakers include:

  • Belinda Chang, University of Toronto
  • Andy Clark, Cornell University
  • Tony Dean, University of Minnesota
  • Richard Goldstein, National Institute of Medical Research (UK)
  • David Hillis, University of Texas
  • Jeff Kieft, University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • Nicolas Lartillot, University of Montreal
  • David Liberles, University of Wyoming
  • Michael Lynch, University
  • James McInerney, National University of -Maynooth
  • Mary OConnell, Dublin City University
  • David Pollock, University of Colorado School of Medicine
  • Jeff Thorne, State University
  • Naomi Ward, University of Wyoming

More information and registration can be found at The early registration deadline is December 15, 2012. A ski trip at Copper Mountain (CO) is being planned for attendees in the day(s) that follow the meeting. We hope you can join us in Denver for this event.

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