Conference: Lisbon ESEB2013 Aug19-24 Experimental EvolGenomics

Conference: Lisbon ESEB2013 Aug19-24 Experimental EvolGenomics

21 December, 2012

Registration for the ESEB Congress in Lisbon (19-24 August 2013) is now open, and we are inviting submissions of contributed talks and posters to two symposia addressing the genomic basis of experimental . The first emphasizes detecting candidate genes and mechanisms of experimental changes, the second studying interactions between these genes to uncover the shape of fitness landscapes. Register and submit your abstracts through the congress website:


Invited speakers: Rees Kassen and Thomas Flatt

Organisers: Tadeusz J. Kawecki and Michael G.Ritchie

This symposium will focus on the application of whole genome resequencing and other high-throughput omics techniques (RNAseq, ) to experimental evolution, in a broad range of experimental systems. It will facilitate the exchange of information about the questions addressed, techniques adopted and result obtained by different research groups, but also encourage the spread of best practice concerning design and statistical approaches, which are being actively developed in this emerging field.

Invited speakers: Tim Cooper and Joachim Krug

Organisers: J. Arjan G.M. de Visser and Santiago F. Elena

To arrive at a quantitative understanding of adaptation, we need to identify the factors that determine its dynamics and understand how they do so quantitatively. A prominent recent development is to consider the structure of the fitness landscape and how this determines the outcome of adaptation. Microbial experimental evolution contributes to this development by exploring the structure of real fitness landscapes, either by constructing mutants carrying combinations of observed beneficial mutations, or by studying the contingency of evolution on particular genotypes and conditions. The aim of this symposium is to highlight diverse examples of the empirical study of fitness landscapes using microbial experimental evolution and their contribution to quantitative models of adaptation.

We are looking forward to see you in Lisbon.

Arjan de Visser, Mike Richie, Santiago Elena & Tadeusz Kawecki

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