Conference: Lisbon ESEB2012 Aug19-24 Paleobiology

Conference: Lisbon ESEB2012 Aug19-24 Paleobiology

23 December, 2012

Dear Colleagues,
We would like to invite you to send abstracts to our symposium on “Unifying paleobiological and comparative perspectives on character ” for the 14th ESEB congress in Lisbon taking place 19-24th of August 2013.
Organizers: Lee Hsiang Liow & Thomas F. Hansen. University of Oslo, Department of Biology, CEES.

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Invited speakers: Gene Hunt and Folmer Bokma.
Summary: It is no longer debated that the fossil record is necessary to inform us about the history of life, yet the integration of data and perspectives using fossils and comparative data in understanding evolution is far from mature. This symposium gathers researchers straddling the realms of the extinct and the extant to explore how we can better understand processes especially on time scales common to palaeobiological and phylogenetic comparative studies, using character evolution as a focal point.
Deadline for submission 28 February 2013.
Abstracts will be selected by the organizers for either oral or poster presentation. When submitting your abstract please state your preference for talk or poster. Talks will be assigned time slots of 15 minutes and selected based on relevance for the symposium. Sincerely,
Lee Hsiang & Thomas
Thomas F Hansen

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