Conference: Lisbon. ESEB2013. Aug19-24. Deception

Conference: Lisbon. ESEB2013. Aug19-24. Deception

7 January, 2013

Dear Colleagues,
If you have not already heard, registration is now open for the XIV Congress of the European Society for (, happening in Lisbon, , from the 19th

– 24th August 2013. We are pleased to invite abstract submissions for oral and poster presentations until the 28th of February 2013, for the symposium entitled:
Invited speakers:
– Martin Stevens (University of Cambridge)
– Tom Sherratt (Carleton University)
– Carita Lindstedt-Kareksela (University of Jyväskylä)
– Mikael Mokkonen (University of Jyväskylä and Simon Fraser University)
Description: The ability to deceive oneself, conspecifics or individuals of other species is a fundamental aspect to many coevolutionary struggles. Brood parasites have the ability to produce eggs that exactly resemble the egg coloration of their host species, while alternative mating strategies employed by ‘sneaker’ individuals circumvent confrontation in intrasexual competition – these are just a few examples of widely known deceptive strategies in the animal kingdom. Deception allows individuals to gain an evolutionary advantage in reproduction and/or survival, such as through deceptive colour mimicry, predator-prey systems, sexually antagonistic encounters with a mate, parent-offspring interactions or competition over resources. Much of the existing research on deception has been fragmented into various topics with limited interaction, even though there are some common themes such as frequency dependent selection, manipulation of the receiver’s sensory system, and the antagonistic coupling of the actor’s benefits to costs of the recipient(s). Thus, our goals of this symposium are to unify researchers from different fields, as well as provide opportunities to present novel findings, questions, and different perspectives in an effort to better understand the costs and benefits of deception.
For submission of abstracts follow the instructions on the website at


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