Integrating Digital PCR – 11th to 12th April 2013 – Boston, MA, USA

Integrating Digital PCR – 11th to 12th April 2013 – Boston, MA, USA

5 March, 2013

Advances in microfluidics and nanofabrication have led to the manufacture of technologies capable of utilizing hundreds to millions of small-scale partitions. Digital enumeration, whether it is done through digital PCR, microfluidics, or next-generation sequencing, is finding growing utility in both basic research and clinical applications. By allowing for detection of nucleic acids at higher resolution and lower target levels, digital detection technologies have the ability to identify diseases earlier in progression, providing an advantage for diagnostics and preventative medicine. Cambridge Healthtech Institute’s Inaugural Integrating Digital PCR will cover digital PCR, microfluidics, and single-cell analysis and how these technologies are best used in a clinical setting. The of qPCR to a more digital format will also be discussed. Special focus will be given to clinical translation and future trends driving the field.

Featured Presentations:

Use of Digital PCR in : Changing the Paradigm for Systemic Therapy Administration
Ben Ho Park, M.D., Ph.D., The Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins

Extreme PCR: Efficient Amplification in Less than One Minute
Carl Wittwer, M.D., Ph.D., , , University of

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