UNewEngland: 1st GRC on Ecological Evolutionary Genomics – Jul 14-19

Please join us as we convene 10 years after the first GRC on Evolutionary !

July 14-19, 2013
University of New England

Speakers and Discussion Leaders will present cutting-edge genome-enabled approaches that are being used to further our understanding of how organisms adapt to changing environments. Specific topics to be addressed include critical research challenges in population genetics, the study of genome evolution, the evolution of complex phenotypes, and and global change biology. We have made explicit emphasis on “ecogenomics”, population genomics, and the required to understand the transition of genotype to phenotype.

We would like to invite you to attend this and join our community in discussing the frontiers and future challenges in this research area. Gordon Research Conferences are an ideal venue for informal and interactive discussions in beautiful locations in New England.

Speakers and Discussion Leaders:
Julien Ayroles, Cornell University
Rowan Barrett, Harvard University
Holly Bik, UC Davis
Mark Blaxter, The University of Edinburgh
Justin Borevitz, The Australian National University
Monica C. Muoz-Torres, LBNL
Sinead Collins, The University of Edinburgh
Graham Coop, UC Davis
Karel De Schamphelaere, Ghent University
Maren Friesen, Michigan State University
Omer Gokcumen, Harvard University
Michael Hansen, Aarhus University
Paul Hebert, University of Guelph
Jessica Hellmann, University of Notre Dame
Paul Hohenlohe, University of Idaho
Chris Jiggins, University of Cambridge
Felicity Jones, Max Planck Institute
Ellen Ketterson, University
Mikhail Matz, University of Texas, Austin
Gos Micklem, University of Cambridge
Stephen Palumbi, Stanford University
Michael Pfrender, University of Notre Dame
David Plachetzki, UC Davis
John Quackenbush, Harvard University
Christina Richards, University of South Florida
Loren Rieseberg, University of British Columbia
Emilie Snell-Rood, University of Minnesota
Victoria Sork, UC Los Angeles
Diethard Tautz, Max-Planck Institute
Anne Todgham, San Francisco State University
Thomas Turner, UC Santa Barbara
Andrew Whitehead, UC Davis

For registration information and the speaker program, visit the GRC website: http://www.grc.org/programs.aspx?year=2013program=ecolevol

Best wishes, Gretchen E. Hofmann John Colbourne, Mike Herman Jack Werren

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