Course: Barcelona Dynamics Modelling – Feb 4-7

Course: Barcelona Dynamics Modelling – Feb 4-7

10 June, 2013

Registration is open for the course “MODELLING DINAMICS IN BIOLOGY”, February 4-7, 2014.

Instructors: Dr. Andreea Munteanu (CGR, ) and Dr. Carlos Rodrguez-Caso (Universidad Pompeu Fabra, )

Place: Premises of Sabadell of the Institut Catal de Paleontologia Miquel Crusafont, C/ de lEscola Industrial, 23, 08201 Sabadell, Barcelona (Spain)

The current course will present an overview of with emphasis on the necessity, uses and pitfalls of dynamical modelling in biology. It introduces the required language and philosophy for a smooth and fruitful collaboration between life scientists and theoreticians (i.e. mathematicians, physicists, scientists). The main goal of the course is not a detailed description of the modelling tools in systems biology, but a thorough overview of the terminology and applicability range of these methodologies. The time dedication throughout the course will be one third for theoretical introduction, and two thirds for modelling applications for very diverse biological systems. The participants will acquire the necessary skills to understand and interpret models and modelling results from scientific articles, and will take the first steps into building their own models.

Organized by: Transmitting Science and the Institut Catal de Paleontologia

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