First Management and Engineering Congress, Singapore

On August 15 and 16, 2013, the Center for Applied Social Science Research (CASSR), is hosting the First Management and Engineering Congress, Singapore. The Congress is designed to focus on the challenges and trends in field of Engineering and Management. This congress is imperative for professionals and academicians alike because of its current relevance. The research that is being presented covers trends and essential information within business, economics and industries. Attendees will be apprised of current research, allowing them to integrate the research into their workplace or build future research upon the foundations of the latest research in the area.


CASSR is a collaborative effort by various educationists across the globe which formed the initial structure of the Center for Applied Social Sciences Research (CASSR). The goal was to form an Affordable and Innovative Global Platform for the Enhancement and Support of a Sustainable Global Economy through Education Globalisation. The center was established in the year 2012 with the registered Indian office in Indore a major educational hub in the Central province of India. In order to increase the reach another office at New York, was established. At present eminent international educationists and scientists from the varied fields of Management, Commerce, Anthropology, Industrial Organizational Psychology, communications, Economics, geography and sociology are the advisors of CASSR. In a short span of time CASSR has worked to achieve its vision and mission by conducting conferences, workshops at top nerve centers of Asia and planning to connect globally. The center is also a proud publisher of Intensity: International Journal of Applied Social Sciences a Bi-Annual journal. Two volumes and more than 50 research articles have been published and indexed in Google, SSRN and Copernicus. CASSR looks forward to increase the impact by subscribing to indices like SCOPUS, EBSCO and Emerald.

Previous Conferences
CASSR has been able to successfully execute three international conferences in the past one in 2012 and two in 2013. The locations of the conferences have been Kualalumpur (Malaysia), Dubai (UAE) and Bangkok (Thailand). The previous conferences had participants from Malaysia, Indonesia, India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, , Poland, Latvia, Philippines, Thailand, New Zealand, , Australia, Kazakhstan, China, , Iran, Canada, Sri Lanka and Papua New Guinea.

Publication Opportunity
The accepted paper is published in our in house Journal, “Intensity: International Journal of Applied Social Science Research”. This time around we would publish engineering papers in a special engineering International journal indexed in Scopus with ISSN number. Both the Journals would be released in the Inaugural function of the conference and handed over to the participants.

Topics in Management


– Financial Management for Business Excellence.
– International Financial Markets and Instruments
– Capital Market and Vibrant Practices
– Banking, Insurance and Financial Services in New Era
– Divergence of Indian and US GAAP
– Behavioral Finance: Challenges Ahead
– Green Finance
– Mapping Business Excellence through Risk Management
– Foreign Investments (FII and FDI)
– Derivatives and Portfolio Management
– Emerging Micro Finance Practices
– Financial Inclusion
– Inflation Accounting

– Role of International Bodies in New World Order
– Green Economics
– Sustainable Economic Growth and Development
– Globalization and socio-economic development
– Management Challenges in Emerging Economies
– Economic Indicators and Global Market
– Changing Role of Regulatory Authorities
– Economic Slowdown and Reforms
– Strategies for Inclusive Growth
– Carbon Credit
– Emerging Trends in Foreign Trade

– Customer Relationship Management
– Advertising and Brand Management
– Vibrant Practices in Advertising
– Retail Marketing – New Paradigm Shift
– Green Marketing and Co-operative Marketing
– Rural Marketing Practices and Strategies
– Integrated Marketing Communication.
– Business Excellence in Service Marketing

Human Resource Management
– Employee Motivation and Organizational Commitment
– Stress Management
– Emerging Trends in Strategic HRM
– Performance Management System
– Employee Retention Strategies
– Empowering Employees for Organizational Development
– Value Addition through Human Resource Accounting.
– Six Sigma and Organizational Excellence.
– Role of HRM in Value Creation
– Quality of Work Life and E-Learning
– Cross Cultural Issues in International HRM

Topics and Tracks in Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

– Advanced Biochemistry
– Biomechanics of the Human Nero musculoskeletal System
– Biomedical Polymers
– Biomedical Ultrasonic’s
– Clinical Gait Analysis: Theory Application
– Drug Delivery Systems
– Experimental Neurobiology
– Human Anatomy and Physiology
– Hyperthermia-Biology, Physics and Instrumentation
– Mathematics for Biomedical Engineering
– Medical Devices Quality System
– Medical Ethics
– Medical Micro sensor
– Multimodal Spatiotemporal Analysis on the Neuro-imaging Data
– Optimization in Biomechanical Engineering
– Physical Stimulation on Cell and Tissue
– Physiological Magnetic Resonance Imaging
– Radiation Physics for Medicine and Biology
– Solid Biomechanics

Chemical Engineering

– Adsorbtion Principles and Structure Character of Porous Mate
– Advanced Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics
– Advanced Process Control
– Advanced Transport Phenomena
– Catalysis
– Energy and Environmental Biotechnology
– Enzyme and Fermentation Engineering
– Interfacial Phenomena
– Ionic Liquids
– Material Development
– Micro hydrodynamics: Theory and Applications
– Molecular and Cell Biology
– Nanomaterial and Synthesis
– Polymer Physical Structure and Chemistry
– Polymer Structures
– Process Safety
– Process System Engineering
– Reactor Technology
– Scaling Concepts in Microfluidics
– Separation

Civil Engineering

– Bridge Engineering
– Cartography and Geographic Information System
– Coastal Engineering
– Construction Technology
– Disaster Prevention and Mitigation
– Engineering Management
– Environmental Management
– Environment-Friendly Construction and Development
– Geological Engineering
– Geotechnical Engineering

– Monitoring and Control Of Structures
– Safety Management
– Seismic Engineering
– Structural Engineering Geotechnical Engineering
– Surveying Engineering
– Transportation and Highway Engineering
– Water Engineering

Computer and Information Sciences

– Advanced Database
– Artificial Intelligence
– Computational and Artificial Intelligence
– Computer Architecture
– Computer Networks
– Computer Vision
– Data Communication and Networking
– Data Management
– Data Mining
– Embedded systems
– Knowledge Management
– Mining Data, Text, and the Web
– Mobile computing
– Multimedia DB’s
– Networks and Systems
– Operating Systems
– Parallel and Distributed Computing
– Reconfigurable computing Sensor networks
– Signal Processing

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

– Advanced Power Semiconductors
– Analogue and Digital Signal Processing
– Distributed Generation, Fuel Cells and Renewable Energy Systems
– Electrical Machinery and Electrical Apparatus
– Electro technologies
– Electromagnetic compatibility
– High Voltage and Insulation Technology
– Intelligent control systems
– Materials for Electrotechnics
– Measuring Technology and Instruments
– Nuclear Energy
– Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility
– Power Electronics and Power Drives
– Power Engineering Education
– Power Market
– Power Optimization
– Power System and its Automation
– Power System Reliability and Security
– Power Systems Communication
– Power Systems Deregulation
– Environmental Science

– Air Pollution
– Atmospheric Diffusion
– Biological Treatment Processes
– Control of Toxic Gases
– Emerging Contaminants
– Engineering Mathematics
– Environmental Economics
– Environmental Engineering
– Environmental Planning and Management
– Environmental Toxicology
– Fluid Mechanics
– Ground Water Pollution

– Industrial Air Pollution
– Noise Pollution Control
– Physical and Chemical Treatment Processes
– Solid Wastes
– Thermodynamics
– Water and Wastewater Treatment
– Water Pollution Control
– Fundamental and Applied Sciences

– Catalysis
– Chemical Sciences
– Computational Modeling
– Engineering Sciences
– Food, Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences
– Geology, Earth and Environmental Sciences
– Green Technology
– Innovation and Science and Engineering Education
– Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
– Medical Sciences
– Nanotechnology
– Physics and Mathematical Sciences

Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering

– Chromatograph System
– Enhanced Oil Recovery
– Formation Evaluation
– Geology
– Geophysics
– Health, Safety and Environment
– High-Pressure Mineral Physics
– Petro physics
– Petroleum Business Management
– Production and Completion Engineering
– Reservoir Engineering
– Well Construction / Drilling Engineering

Material Science and Engineering

– Advanced Polymer Chemistry
– Applied Optics
– Crystal Structure
– Electronic Ceramic Materials
– Energy Materials
– Kinetics of Materials
– Liquid Alloy Processing
– Magnetic Materials
– Magnetic Materials
– Magnetic Materials
– Mechanical Behavior of Materials
– Optoelectronic Materials
– Physical Ceramics
– Powder Metallurgy
– Precise Controlled
– Sintering Theory
– Solidification Processing
– Thermodynamics of Materials
– Welding Metallurgy
– X-ray Diffraction

Mechanical Engineering

– Adaptive Control
– Conduction Heat Transfer
– Continuum Mechanics
– Corrosion and Reliability
– Discrete-Time Signal Processing
– Energy Systems
– IC packaging process
– Linear System Theory and Design
– Mechanical Design of Robotics System
– Micro-System Technology
– Numerical Heat Transfer
– Physical System Modeling
– Precision Fluid Power control
– Refrigeration and Air Conditioning
– Screw Theory and Its Applications T
– Theory of Thermal Stresses
– Thermal system Analysis
– Transport Phenomena and Material Processing
– Viscoelastic Fluids
– Wave Propagation in Elastic Solids

Important Dates:
Last Date of Paper Submission: July 25, 2013
Date for Acceptance: July 25, 2013
Last Date for Early Registration: August 5, 2013

Process of Paper Submission
1. Please submit your paper electronically by sending it on our email
2. Please send your paper as per attached format as a word file.
3. Ideally the paper should not exceed 6-10 pages
4. Referencing should be properly done.

People to contact in Case of Doubts and Query

For Engineering Tracks

Cdr. V. K. Joshi

For Management Tracks

Prof. Neha

People from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine can contact:

Temirova Akmaral Bolatovna
Mobile Number: +77776117112

Yegizbayeva Zhaina
Mobile Number: +7787013955687

Uchkampirova Aigul Bahadyrovna
Mobile Number: +7787023960328

Participation Fees:

Full Author Delegates 275
Student Author Delegates* 200
Listener Delegates 200

*Student Author Delegate: PhD Perusing / Enrolled in Masters Degree/ Enrolled In UG Course

Fees Includes:
1. 2 Coffee Breaks and One Lunch Break every day
2. Conference Kit: Bag, Certificate, Memento, Hard Copy of the Journal in which the paper is published, Diary, Pen, Badge, Copy of the Schedule.

Fees Excludes:

1. Accommodation
2. Air Fare
3. VISA fees

Tentative Conference Schedule

Venue: Bayview Hotel, 30 Bencoolen Street, Singapore 189621
Tel : (65) 6337 2882 : Fax : (65) 6338 2880
Email :

August 15,2013

0930Hrs-1830 Hrs

Inaugural Session

0930Hrs-0940Hrs : Presentation of CASSR

0940Hrs-0950Hrs : Release of Journals and Working Papers

1000Hrs-1030 Hrs : Key Note Address:

“Recent Trends, Challenges and Opportunities in Engineering”

1030Hrs-1100Hrs : Key Note Address :

“Managing Business and Economy in Turbulent Times”

1100Hrs-1200Hrs : Training Session:

Emotional Intelligence for Engineers and Managers

A free of Cost One Hour Session for which registered participants would get an Extra Certificate

1200Hrs Group Photograph

1200Hrs-1230Hrs : Networking Tea

Track One:

Electrical, Electronics and Environmental Engineers Congress


1400Hrs-1500Hrs : Lunch

Track Two:

Mechanical, Material and Fundamental Sciences and Engineers Congress


Track Three:

Chemical,Bio-Medical and Petroleum Engineering Congress


Track Four:

Civil and Computer Engineering Congress


1830Hrs Day End High Tea

Day Two: August 16,2013

Management Congress

Track One

Finance and Economics Congress


1200Hrs-1230Hrs: Networking Tea

Track Two

Marketing congress

1400Hrs-1500Hrs: Lunch

Track Three

HR and General Management Congress


1630-1640 : Certificate Distribution

1640Hrs Onward’s Farewell Tea

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