Career counselling

Career counselling

12 February, 2013

It seems that there is yet another way in which the new generation differs from the older — the advent of career and education counselling. Typically, it was customary for parents, or even the children, to choose the ‘correct’ career path — one that would balance both emotional and financial well-being.

Career counseling, career guidance and career coaching are similar in nature to other types of counseling or coaching, e.g. marriage or psychological counseling. What unites all types of professional counseling is the role of practitioners, who combine giving advice on their topic of expertise with counseling techniques that support clients in making complex decisions and facing difficult situations. The focus of career counseling is generally on issues such as career exploration, career change, personal career development and other career related issues.

How it works

Counselling started out primarily as a way for young college-students to explore their passions, and thereby find a way to make a career out of these interests. The major question of ‘what should I be doing in life?’ was more easily answered with the help of a professional. Career counselling centers offered the students … Read full article

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