Software- TreeScaper, Plot tree-to-tree distances

Software- TreeScaper, Plot tree-to-tree distances

11 September, 2011

An alpha version of the cross-platform software package TreeScaper is now available for download at:

TreeScaper calculates and displays the relationship among tree-to-tree distances in 2d or 3d.
TreeScaper can be used to address some of the applications described in:

Hillis D. M., Heath T. A., and St John, K. 2005. Analysis and visualization of tree space. Systematic Biology. 54: 471-482.

With TreeScaper you can:
– Display 2d and 3d plots of tree-to-tree distance matrices
– Rotate 3d plots
– Create movies of rotating 3d plots
– Color-code sets of trees
– Change the optimization algorithm and cost function used to project tree-to-tree distances in n-dimensions
– Calculate several goodness of fit measures for your projections of tree-to-tree distances
– Input tree-to-tree distance matrices output by PAUP*
– Calculate several intrinsic dimensionality measures for a tree-to-tree distance matrix

Graphical versions of the software are available for LINUX, Mac OS X, and MS Windows. A portable command-line version is also available for HPC environments.

Jim Wilgenbusch

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