TimeTree needs your data (Community contributions)

TimeTree needs your data (Community contributions)

17 November, 2011

Www.timetree.org is a dynamic public knowledgebase that enables data-driven access to the collection of peer-reviewed publications in and that have reported estimates of time of divergence between species.

Hundreds of authors have already contributed to our collection of over 1200 studies, whose results have been accessed by thousands of individuals (scientists and general public). More than 250,000 queries were launched in the last 12 months. So, WE INVITE YOU to make your results easily accessible to everyone and be a timetree contributing author. Please contribute your published times of published times of divergence among populations or species.

We need coded tree files in a text file (Newick, NexML, or other formats) with divergence times at nodes. Email us at timetreeoflife[at]gmail.com with that file and a citation or web link of the associated article (or PDF). Any publication date and any number of taxa are OK. Visit this link to see if we already have or are already processing your study: http://www.timetree.org/reference_list.php (or, inquire at timetreeoflife[at]gmail.com).

Thank you!

The TimeTree team (www.timetree.org)
Contact Allie Shoffner at timetreeoflife[at]gmail.com

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