TimeTree version 3 released

TimeTree version 3 released

17 November, 2011

Www.timetree.org maintains a dynamic and growing Tree of Life scaled to time (timetree), based on a composite of published studies, now 1200. More than 25,000 node times and taxa are searchable in a user friendly interface by specifying two names. Published times are displayed in the geological context.

What’s new:
-New free app now available for iPhone/iPod
-New mobile-friendly web display for easy use on any smartphone device (e.g., Android)
-Web interface redesigned for better accessibility of results.

What’s next (2012):
-Coming up: TimeTree Navigator to explore the resident Tree-of-Life and phylogeny
-Coming up: A new interface to generate phylogeny and times for a given set of taxa

Educational uses:
-We have added new servers to keep up with increased use of TimeTree in college and high school courses (see American Biology Teacher 73:106-108, 2011). Suggestions are welcome for better usability (info[at]timetree.org).

TimeTree of Life Book and poster (free)
-All chapters (PDFs) of the Timetree of Life book (Oxford University Press) are free, including PowerPoint figures for education purposes. Professionally offset-printed posters (circular tree-of-life) are free and can be ordered online.

Blair Hedges and Sudhir Kumar
(see 27:2023-2024, 2011)

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