5 Pieces of Equipment That Help Improve Patient Handling and Care

5 Pieces of Equipment That Help Improve Patient Handling and Care

20 January, 2017

Since the turn of the century, technology has grown to unprecedented heights. Today, the use of technology is evident in nearly every industry including the healthcare industry. Advancement in technology has made the life of medical practitioners and patients easy. Thanks to the technologically advanced equipment available today, patient handling and care is easier than ever before. Technologically advanced equipment such as patient lifters, electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and electric lift chairs have made it easy for doctors and other hospital staff to handle and take care of the patients.

In addition to the technologically advanced equipment, some manual patient handling and rehabilitation equipment are also making patient handling and care simple. There are a number of suppliers who specialise in patient handling equipment that can provide advice and door to door deliver of these items. Some have an online presence, which makes them easy to deal with from your couch visit this website for an example.

Following is how the aforementioned patient handling and care equipment are helping medical practitioners and patients all over Australia.

1.     Patient lifters

Patient lifters are used by doctors or other hospital staff to lift patients to a comfortable or required height. Most patient lifters have onboard software that records every lift and its actual weight. Patient lifters run on batteries and come with smart chargers. The cost of Patient lifters vary according to brand but a good patient lifter would generally come for $4000-$5000.

2.     Electric wheelchairs

Created with the user in mind, electric wheelchairs are designed to make physically impaired people mobile. Some of the electric wheelchairs available today have amazing suspension and allow users to tilt and recline. Also, standard functions of the electric wheelchair include power elevate and tilt. The electric wheelchair is made up of high-quality components and uses batteries to run.

3.     Mobility scooters

A mobility scooter serves the same purpose as the electric wheelchair but looks like a motor scooter. A mobility aid, mobility scooter has two or three wheels, a handlebar, and a swivel seat. Mobility scooters run on batteries and are larger than electric wheelchairs. Mobility scooters can handle rough terrain which makes them ideal for outside use.

4.     Electric lift chairs

Even though it looks like one, an electric lift chair is much more than just an armchair. Electric lift chairs help the patient or the user to stand or sit: A power lifting mechanism operated by a hand device is used to achieve this. Available in a range of colors and fabrics, the electric chairs are extremely safe and have a productive design. Also, they are manufactured using high quality material. The cost of electric lift chairs is between $1000 and $1700.

5.     Bathroom aids

In addition to the technologically advanced equipment, some extremely useful manual patient handling and rehabilitation equipment are also available. An example of such equipment is bathroom aids. A range of bathroom aids including shower tool /chair, toilet seat raiser and bottom wiper are available to make the lives of medical practitioners and patients easy. Most bathroom aids are available for less than $200.

Technology and development in medical care has made patient handling and care in Australia easier than ever before. Thanks to the aforementioned equipment, taking care of the patients is no longer difficult.

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