7th Assay & Drug Discovery Technologies • Oct 24-26, 2012 • Philadelphia, PA, USA

7th Assay & Drug Discovery Technologies • Oct 24-26, 2012 • Philadelphia, PA, USA

6 August, 2012

Dear Colleague,

Over the years, the field of assay technologies, laboratory automation, and informatics has taken great leaps in advancement. Present demands from the drug discovery process have propelled a shift in focus from high throughput screening to high content analysis in the assay and drug discovery technology arena. There has also been a push for more physiologically relevant biochemical and cell based assays for compound screening. New avenues for exploration like the applications of and the use of stem cell screening and nano screening are also emerging on the forefront of discovery techniques. The economic landscape has also created a sense of urgency for the pharmaceutical industry to further reduce the cost of research and development, leading to discussions of the feasibility of outsourcing screening and analysis.

GTCbio is proud to present our 7th Assay & Drug Discovery Technologies . This meeting will be held on October 24-26, 2012 in Philadelphia, PA. We will bring together industry leaders from major pharmaceutical companies, cutting-edge biotech companies as well as top researchers from academia and government to present innovative and relevant applications of current assay technologies to continually improve efficacy and meaningful data output and discuss the potential of novel analytical and screening technologies in drug discovery and development.

This 7th Assay & Drug Discovery Technologies Conference is part of a larger summit. Other tracks for this summit include:

8th Modern Drug Discovery & Development Summit
(Day 1, Oct 24, 2012) – Plenary Keynote Session
(Day 2-3, Oct 25-26, 2012) – Breakout Tracks:
9th & Therapeutics
3rd Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics
4th Translational Medicine
Transfer & Commercialization

Sessions for 2012:
Cell Based Assays
– Novel GPCR Assays
– Whole Cell/Organism Screening
– Live Cells
– 3D Cell Culture
– Lab-on-a-Chip
– Spheroid Assays
Label Free Technologies
– Platforms
– Hit Validation
– Multiple Applications
Novel Assay and Screening Technologies
– Fragment-Based Screening
– Stem Cell Screening
– Nano Screening
– Application of Epigenetics
Advanced Methods in Drug Discovery
– High Content Analysis
– High Throughput Screening
Techniques for Target Discovery
– Applied Mass Spectrometry
Translational Assay Development

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!

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