Course: Lyon_France.Biodiversity.Jun3-14

Course: Lyon_France.Biodiversity.Jun3-14

12 October, 2012

*ENS de Lyon, Biological resources and , June 3-14, 2013.

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*/A course across disciplinary boundaries: ecology, , economy, legal sciences and security /*that we run as a 2 weeks course system, including seminars, workshops and students’ personal work (worth 6 credits). In addition, a 2-day field trip is programmed over the central week-end.**

The interdisciplinarity of the course makes it ideal for student from various backgrounds. Evolution / adaptation processes are central to the course and are covered from to ecosystem levels in the spirit of “eco-evo-devo”.

The registered students must have a master- or PhD level.

The Financial aspect : free course ; out-coming students need tosort out housing reservations and costs.

Registration deadline: November 10, 2012

Logistic and academic infos through the website (see below) and by mail to

*Course description*: This advanced course provides a state-of-the-art knowledge on the conceptual and methodological advances in the field of */bio-resources/**. /Biodiversity/*//is considered as a dynamic driver and marker of bio-resource systems in a highly anthropized biosphere. … In order to understand how evolution is producing such an astonishing adaptive diversity through */co-/* processes, a variety of tools presently available are being used to evaluate the underlying functions and to decipher the mechanisms at work at various scales of organization, such as */molecular, organismic, population and ecosystemic/*. In parallel, the issue of is discussed,…. This makes it possible to evaluate the costs of human activities and integrate them in economic and political decisions. In such a new frame of thinking, a series of resources might acquire increased monetary and social values, i.e. become */public goods/*.

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