Conference: Ferrara_Italy.ItalianSocEvolutionaryBiol.Dec15-16

Conference: Ferrara_Italy.ItalianSocEvolutionaryBiol.Dec15-16

12 October, 2012

Dear friends and colleagues,

On behalf of the Italian Society for Biology (SIBE), and in collaboration with the Department of Life Science and of the University of Ferrara and the Museum of Natural History of Ferrara, we are pleased to invite all interested parties to attend SIBE2012 — Simposio Evoluzione e Assemblea dei Soci (Symposium on Evolutionary Biology and Annual Business Meeting of SIBE members)


15th – 16th December 2012. Beginning of scientific sessions on December 15th at 14.30


15th December: Ferrara, Polo Chimico Bio Medico, via Borsari 46 (free parking inside)

16th December: Ferrara, Sala dei Comuni, Castello Estense (Communal Hall, Estense Castle)


The symposium is organized around six principal themes: , ecology and demography; sexual selection; phylogenies, species, and speciation; new technologies to study ; adaptation; human . For each themethere will be an invited speaker as well as a presentation by a young researcher. All talks will be in English


Laurent Excoffier, University of Bern
Andrea Pilastro, Universit diPadova
Dan Rabosky, University of
Michele Morgante, Universit di Udine
Lino Ometto, Fondazione E.Mach, Trento
Johannes Krause, University of Tubingen


The morning of December 16th will host the SIBE business meeting and with the election of the new President and Council Members . If you are not already a SIBE member, you can become one directly at the meeting by submitting the registration form and paying the annual dues of 30 euros (15 euros for students)


Attendance of the scientific sessions of the symposium is free. We do, however, ask that all people interested in attending notify by email


Non-tenured researchers of 40 years or younger can send (before November 18th) an abstract, with an indication of the theme most pertinent to their research. For each theme one abstract will be chosen for an oral presentation. It is possible to submit an abstract not directly related to the themes of the symposium, but selection for a presentation is not guaranteed. All abstracts will be published on the meeting website.


Young participants (not ) who intend to participate in SIBE2012 and who submit an abstract can request a small financial contribution to cover travel costs and accommodation. These will be awarded on a first come-first served basis


More information (including logistics) can be found at

Giorgio Bertorelle, Universit di Ferrara
Francesco Santini, Universit di Torino
The SIBE council

********* NEW ADDRESS *********

Francesco Santini
I.S.I. – Lagrange Visiting Fellow
Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra
Universit degli Studi di Torino
Via Valperga Caluso 35
10125 Torino Italy
Phone: 0039-3391215011

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