Conference: Vienna.ProcessesSpeciation.Feb18-22

Conference: Vienna.ProcessesSpeciation.Feb18-22

13 October, 2012

It is a pleasure to announce a symposium focused on


to be held at the BioSyst.EU 2013 (, Vienna, , 18 to 22 Feb 2013. This is the meeting of the Federation of European Biological Systematic Societies, including The Systematics Association, Gesellschaft fr Biologische Systematik, Nobis , Swiss Systematics Society, Svenska Systematikfreningen, and Socit Franaise de Systmatique.


Prof. Christian Lexer, University of Fribourg,
Prof. Axel Meyer, University of Konstanz,

Several additional talks will be selected from the submitted abstracts.

Early-fee registration and abstract submission still open until 31 Oct 2012.

ABSTRACT submission:


Elucidating processes of diversification and speciation is paramount for our understanding of how the tremendous observable today has originated and how it may react to threats and challenges imposed by human activities now and in the future. Technological advances with respect to data generation (e.g., next-generation sequencing, sophisticated analytical tools) as well as conceptual advancements (e.g., modes and models of speciation) set an excitingly powerful framework for studying those processes (e.g., hybrid and polyploid speciation, ecological speciation, sexual selection) in and beyond model organisms.

Additional related topics will be discussed in other symposia and workshops offered at BioSyst.Eu2013, which include, among others, “Biotic responses to ”, “Evo-devo”, “Evolutionary ”, “Hybrid evolution and speciation”, “Phylogenetic methods”

Best regards

Gerald M. Schneeweiss
University of Vienna

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