12 October, 2012

We held a Symposium at the Joint meeting in Ottawa this past July, with the principal goal of identifying future research directions for the field. To build on this discussion and include a broader audience, we will be holding an Online Forum event on October 24th. The Symposium speakers will be available to answer questions and share their experience, and the log will be preserved for posterity on the ecologist blog (

Videos of the symposium talks from the Ottawa meeting are available at

If you’re interested in participating, please register at – an email with all the access details will be sent out next week.

The forum will run for three hours, with start times dependent on your time zone:

New Zealand (UTC+13 = NZST): 3am Oct 25th to 7am Oct 25th
Sydney, (UTC+11 = EDT): 1am Oct 25th to 4am Oct 25th
& Western Australia (UTC+8): 11pm Oct 24th to 1am Oct 25th
Eastern Europe (UTC+3 = EEST): 5pm to 8pm
Western Europe (UTC+2 = CEST): 4pm to 7pm
, Ireland & Portugal (UTC+1 = BST): 3pm to 6pm
Eastern USA & , Brazil (UTC-4 = EDT): 10am to 1pm
Western USA & Canada (UTC-7 = PDT): 7am to 10am

Please contact if you’ve any questions.

All the best,

Tim Vines
Managing Editor, Molecular Ecology and Molecular Ecology Resources

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