Course: UWashington-online. Statistical-Genetics. Spring2013

The Department of at the University of will provide an online offering of the course STAT 550 A I; Discrete Mendelian Traits
Dates: Spring 2013 Quarter, April 1 – June 14

Number of credits: 3
: Elizabeth Thompson (


This course provides an introduction to the models and methods of Statistical Genetics for students with little Genetics background but with some knowledge of Probability and Statistics. The course provides a basis for further study in Statistical Genetics, whether in Quantitative Genetics, Human and Medical Genetics, Population and Genetics, or Molecular Genetics.
This class will be given online (audio and slides) in conjunction with the regular on-campus class offering of the class in Spring Quarter 2013. The class will be available to registered University of Washington non-matriculated students (NM):
For information on registering for NM status:


For information on UW course fees for this 3-credit 500-level class:

For qualified students, the Department of Statistics will approve both NM status (if not already obtained) and course entry: contact Elizabeth Thompson ( for more information.
Some information about the 2010 offering of the online version of this course is available


Additional information on the 2012 on-campus offering is

The 2013 class is expected to follow a very similar schedule.

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