Conferences: Lisbon. ESEB2013. Aug19-24. Non Genetic Inheritance

Conferences: Lisbon. ESEB2013. Aug19-24. Non Genetic Inheritance

13 January, 2013

Dear colleagues,

We are glad to invite you to submit abstracts for posters and talks for the NON INHERITANCE session organized at ESEB 2013 (19th to the 24^th of August in Lisbon,

Registration is now opened and the deadline for abstract submission is 28^th of February 2012. Looking forward to receive your abstracts.

Best wishes from the organizers of the NGI session

Benoit Pujol
and Katie Stopher

More details on the session here:
Invited speakers: Kevin Laland and

Etienne Danchin

Description: Evidence is accruing that epigenetic, developmental, parental, and cultural inheritance mechanisms have a major impact on the of phenotypic diversity. The aim of this symposium is to highlight novel results and synthesize our knowledge on the contribution of non-genetic inheritance to processes. We will also explore the need for an extended theory of where genes are not the only inheritance system.


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